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Arctic Polar Holiday Village


The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon where the sun does not fall below the horizon during the day. That is why the phenomenon is the opposite of camouflage.

When you get to witness for yourself the magic of a summer night and the unbridled beauty of Lapland, you will understand those who come back here again and again - year after year. The midnight sun illuminates Enontekiö from 22 May to 22 July. There is beautiful, soft light around the clock. You can enjoy the day and night. It could be better than admiring the soft evening light of the midnight sun on the top of the mountain enjoying the picnic snacks. Summer traditionally begins with Midsummer, when the fells bathe in the light and nature blossoms. Saanatunturi invites you to conquer, you can admire the lake landscape on a ride with M / S Malla and M / S Maria. The borderland laundry of the three kingdoms, the Malla Nature Park, the Saana Nature Trail and the Tsahkaljoki Falls are popular local hiking destinations.

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