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Arctic Polar Holiday Village


The winter in the north is known to be long and snow-sure. After the first snow in October-November, winter continues as a mystical camouflage.

In winter, the fell attracts skiers, snowshoeers, snowmobilers, anglers and freedivers.

Northern lights are a phenomenon that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. Kilpisjärvi is statistically the best place in Finland to see the northern lights.

Kilpisjärvi has the longest ski season in Finland. From the beginning of November to the fun-filled midsummer skiing competitions. The light trail and around Salmivaara have been loaded from 20.12 on weekends. The actual ski season starts in mid-March.

Snowmobiling is also an extension on Kilpisjärvi's routes. From Kilpisjärvi you can get to the Arctic Ocean, Kiruna, via Heta even to Rovaniemi and the Viktooria route to Muonio.

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